Writers block, how I hate you.

I’m currently suffering for writers block, and I’m pretty sure the reason is stress from trip planning/packing. I’m sure the housing situation isn’t helping. Plus I’m trying to do a bunch of research on some pretty deep subjects for the system in which a kind of “magic” is possible. I’m trying to base the “magic” system on old world religions, such as Esoteric Christianity, Kabbalah, Zoroastrianism, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and Thelema. There is just so much information that my brain is turning to mush.

Perhaps I need a writer’s palate cleanser of some sort.

Any suggestions?


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  • laurastanfill

    I keep hitting similar spots in my novel, because of the research involved (historical fiction set in the 19th century). All I can say is good luck, and give yourself permission to write even if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing. I find the research starts coming together when I stick a character in there and go for it. There’s always revision for cleaning things up, right?

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