First, let me thank you for coming to my site. There isn’t a whole lot here yet and it really is a giant work in progress.

I’ve been working on a group of stories for quite some time now, but I haven’t really ever had the time to really devote the effort needed to finish them.

An incident in my life made me reevaluate my priorities. It made me see that time is precious and that I need to focus on trying to hold on to a little happiness, and hopefully fulfillment.

With this project I hope to experience an adventure that will allow my wife and I to create something that many other people can also enjoy.

What we’ve been planning is a trip across The United States. Visiting so called “haunted sights” and hopefully recording any contact that we may have.

What we’ll need is reliable transportation. Recording equipment such as digital audio recorders, video cameras, digital still cameras and other ghost hunting tools, and of course money for fuel and food. Currently we have semi-reliable transportation and fuel and food money. I’m hoping Kickstarter will be able to help us round out the funding.

There is no actual time limit for our adventure. It’s done when it’s done.

Now for more information on the actual stories.

This project combines 5 modern horror/fantasy stories with a search for actual haunted places.
(I’m still working on typing up my notebooks to transfer the complete write ups to each of the stories categories)

On this site you’ll eventually find any evidence I’ve found of the paranormal.


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