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Silence Springs Back Story.

Working a lot on the back story of Silence Springs, which really ties into all five main stories.

It’s nice to write again. I’ve had a lot of issues with choosing which stories to work on. I have a number of other story ideas to work on. My science fiction outline keeps calling. I have to put the blame on that on The Discovery Channel. There’s also the 4 other stories that keep calling. No Haven, House on Hallowed Hill and Silence Springs all have extensive outlines mostly completed. I keep going from Silence Springs to Hallowed Hill. Both stories are so interesting, I just don’t know which one to do first. I’ve also completed significant work on No Haven.

I also have a short story based on a dream that my wife wants me to work on.


My writing process

Part of my writing process is to create a uni/multiverse for my stories to exist. One of the issues I’ve found with this style is that my horror fantasy and straight fantasy have a hard time existing in the same space. Like for example, I have my 5 horror fantasy stories that I’m focusing on. Originally it was solidly set in my straight/modern fantasy setting. Where the end part of Silence Springs directly influence the reality of the straight fantasy setting. Not to give anything away, but originally the end of that story would allow magic into “our” world which would set up a multitude of other stories going into a giant “war of magic” where all of current society is essentially destroyed. By the year 2300 a new reckoning of time has started and a council government is created from the chaos of 300 years of constant war.

Now I’ve completely scrapped that idea, mainly because it just doesn’t fit with what I want to do with the Haunted Sights series. While both have apocalyptic leanings, I’m much more interested in what I have planned with the hauntings and the different players in that. Currently it all comes down to choosing who I want to survive to the end… well, more like middle, but yeah.

On another topic, I’m trying to put together a Q and A about the traveling part of the Haunted Sights project. The main goal is to do a more artistic version of something like Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. Not just artistic, more like… a multimedia project involving ghostly videos, photos, audio, what ever proof we can gather. I’m putting together a project to fund it, but I need to do a video to go along with the project and I honestly don’t know what to create. I mean I can try and just fabricate some ghostly introduction to the project, but I just think that’s dishonest.