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I think I have story line ADD.

I’m watching a show called The Universe on Netflix and it always gets my creative juices flowing. All of the information on black holes and white holes and worm holes and supernovae and these things makes me want to write a science fiction story in the style of the movie Primer.

Something that can seem realistic, like say a researcher is studying micro-magnetic fields and how they affect quarks or strings, something at the quantum level.
Eventually they find that they’re actually creating micro worm holes and via the test equipment they’re getting a duplicate  SSID for their wireless network. When connected to this “new” SSID they find that it’s X amount of time in the future. Dependent on the spin or wavelength or amount of power of the magnetic fields they’re able to connect to different future times. Never being able to connect any further back than the first time the device is powered on. Something like this could go anywhere, story-wise.

Having these thoughts don’t really help when creating my horror series, but it’s nice to think about. Could always be the next project 😛